What can we do to reduce air pollution?

You can help to reduce air pollution by making some very easy changes at home and when you’re out and about.

At home you can:

Turn the lights off when you leave a room:

This saves your parents money and means the power station doesn’t need to burn as much fossil fuel to keep your lights on.

Turn off your TV:

TVs left on standby still use electricity, if no one is watching it turn it off!

Don’t fill the kettle to the top:

When you boil the kettle, only boil as much water as you need.

Out and about you can:

Take Public Transport:

Driving our cars releases air pollution. If you take a bus or train, then we can reduce the number of cars on the road.

Walk or cycle:

When you visit your friends or go to school, walking or cycling there instead of driving will save fuel and keep you fit and healthy.